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StationMD was designed to bring the emergency room doctor to the patient at an instant. Using completely secure video technology, you can have a face-to-face visit with a StationMD doctor from your home, skilled nursing facility, or other medical institution at any time.
Our board certified, exceptionally trained StationMD doctors provide outstanding and confidential care. Visits may include real-time medication orders, prescriptions, medical advice, and work/school notes as needed. Referrals are made when necessary. We welcome patients of any age and with any medical history to see a doctor at any time at

How Does It Work? The Process Is Simple:
Go to and click on the link.

Step One
Fill in some basic information.

Step Two
Begin your real time, face-to-face visit with a physician!
Step 3
The doctor and patient see and talk to each other via videoconferencing. The doctor will examine the patient visually and perform an auscultation exam of the heart, lungs and abdomen via a state-of-the-art tele-stethoscope. In residential and nursing facilities, orders and plans are discussed with the nurse or caretaker as well as the patient. In home settings, prescriptions are sent to the patient’s pharmacy when appropriate.

Hours of Operation
Our doctors are currently available immediately from Friday 6pm until Monday 6am EST.
Otherwise available hours are tailored to the needs of the facility and population.
What and Who
We Treat
StationMD physicians are trained to see all patient populations, including children and adults with any types of chronic or acute conditions. We have extensive experience in treating patients with cerebral palsy, chronic lung and heart problems, infections and many others.
How Much Does It Cost?
StationMD is one of the most cost effective methods to rapidly see an emergency physician on demand. Pricing is negotiated individually with your employer or institution.