Providing care that keeps patients at home

Home Care

woman doctor with tablet

Home care services have become a pivotal tool in keeping patients in their own environments and preventing unnecessary costs. Access to StationMD in this context can augment home care in critical ways for at-risk patients. In this process, if a visiting nurse or aid notes a concern, the first step is to contact a StationMD emergency physician for an immediate consultation.


Carrying a small, standard portable tablet device, a video conference encounter is initiated by the visiting nurse and an emergency medicine evaluation is performed by the StationMD doctor. Often, a medication adjustment or treatment can be initiated without the patient experiencing the hardship and risks of hospital transfer.

ER Transfers

As with the nursing facility patients, if a hospital transfer is unavoidable, the StationMD physician communicates with the emergency department directly, thereby streamlining the work up, and decreasing the chances of admission. Better care is achieved while saving significant health care dollars.