Reduce Payer Costs
Through Telemedicine


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The StationMD Solution Brings The ER To Your Patient/Member

Payers can reduce their costs with telemedicine by using our proven solution. There are many cost saving benefits to payers whose members use our telemedicine service as well as improved quality of care.

Reduce Payer Costs while Enhancing Quality

Reduce Payer Costs with TelemedicineQuality care is our top priority. Our highly experienced board-certified physicians provide the highest quality of care. This is done by keeping your patients safe and in place. We have full access to the patient’s health record. As a result, we provide continued and coordinated care. In addition, we provide re-evaluations to best serve patients’ needs. Treating your members in place spares them the trauma and expense of being transferred. Second, these vulnerable patients endure a disruption in their routine every time they are sent to an emergency room and are exposed to infection especially with the long waiting times in most ER’s.

Lastly, at StationMD, we engage in a very robust data-driven quality program which allows our partners to reach clinical and financial goals.

Cost savings for Payers

A large percentage of the visits to the ER can be avoided. Hence, this results in tremendous cost savings for your organization. The StationMD solution has proven to reduce ER transfers dramatically in some facilities and, if an ER transfer is needed, our direct communication with the ER allows for more focused treatment which often eliminates the need for unnecessary and costly testing as well as hospital admissions. Our experience with thousands of patient encounters proves our telemedicine solution works. The overall payer cost savings in medical payments can reach into the millions of dollars for your organization.

Start Saving Today

Want to start reducing payer costs? Contact StationMD today. Our telemedicine staff is available to answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!