StationMD is a physician practice that is focused on delivering
high-quality medical care to people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities (IDD) anytime they need it,
no matter where they are in the United States.

All of our doctors are specially trained to address this population’s
complex health needs, and we are able to treat patients from
the safety and comfort of their home through our simple
telemedicine platform.

If StationMD can help you or someone you know,
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Telemedicine for People with IDD

StationMD offers people with IDD the best possible standard of
medical care. Our services are not just convenient for patients,
their families and network of support staff—they are life-saving.

Watch this clip to see how we are serving Missouri residents
with IDD through an innovative partnership with the
Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities.

StationMD in the News

In the current environment, using telemedicine to address
non-life-threatening medical issues is literally life-saving.
Individuals with IDD are more likely to contract COVID-19
and die from complications related to the virus.

When we can treat a patient’s medical needs in their home
setting using telemedicine, it helps reduce the spread of
coronavirus to patients, families and support professionals.

StationMD Helps
Navigate COVID-19

StationMD is being recognized across the country as a leader in
delivering health care to people with IDD. Very few physician
practices in the US are specialized in addressing the complex
health needs of this population. That is what distinguishes
StationMD from everyone else.

See how advocacy organizations and industry watch groups are
turning to StationMD as a medical authority in treating people
with disabilities.

StationMD Accolades


An Introduction to StationMD

Our Approach

StationMD is comprised of all board-certified emergency medicine doctors with considerable expertise in caring for vulnerable populations.

StationMD provides the best care for:

People with IDD

Treating People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Nursing Facilities

Providing immediate access to doctors


Cutting healthcare costs by treating patients in place

Home Care

Providing care that keeps patients at home

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Dollars Saved


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American Telemedicine Association
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