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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is StationMD HIPAA compliant?

Yes. StationMD uses secure, HIPAA compliant technology and processes. We regularly update our processes to ensure that we meet all regulations.

Who pays for StationMD services?

StationMD can be paid for in several ways. We tailor our reimbursement model to fit the needs and resources of the partner.

A state may opt to cover certain populations such as Medicaid Waiver recipients or those in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), Supportive Living, or other Medicaid recipients so there is NO cost to those groups covered through their state.

A monthly subscription service covers a provider agency’s use of StationMD for all its residents or clients. This is typically a fee per agency site.

A per member per month model is also available; the fee is determined by the number of patients with access.

A shared-savings model is available in which StationMD receives a percentage of healthcare dollars saved by utilizing our service.

Fee for service models are possible in certain cases depending on the partner and setting.

Combination reimbursement models; StationMD can create a combination of any of the above.

Grants- StationMD services can be paid for with grant funds when applicable.

Is using StationMD the same as going to a primary care physician?

No. The StationMD service works with primary care physicians to improve and augment care when there are gaps in coverage or during off-hours. StationMD is not a substitute for seeing your primary care physician.

Is StationMD an urgent care service?

No. StationMD sees patients in urgent situations, but it plays a different role from urgent cares. Our partners are typically organizations, facilities, or agencies that help oversee support for individuals through which we have privileges and access to medical records. This allows our doctors to be more informed and effective in treating patients as well as provides a process of communication and continuity of care with the patients’ primary doctors.

Who are the StationMD physicians?

StationMD physicians are all vetted personally and carefully by the founders. They are board certified in emergency medicine, family medicine or internal medicine. They are all trained specifically to our processes, medical guidelines, and quality-assurance measures. In addition, they all have specialized training to care for vulnerable populations like those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the elderly. Our physicians are all appropriately licensed to practice in each state where we care for individuals.

What happens if an emergency room (ER) visit is still needed?

After a physician evaluation is completed there may be times when the StationMD physician determines an ER visit is still needed to ensure the most appropriate level of care. If an ER visit is required, the StationMD physician will contact the ER designated by you or support staff in order to provide any pertinent medical history, facilitate a more focused visit, and expedite treatment as much as possible.

Where is StationMD located?

StationMD is headquartered in Maplewood, New Jersey. As a provider of telehealth and telemedicine services, our physicians are able to work in remote and secure locations throughout the United States. This geographical flexibility allows us to retain the most experienced and well qualified physicians.

When should StationMD be used?

•Urgent medical issues such as fever, cough, moderate pains, minor behavioral issues

•Non-urgent issues such as medication refills, constipation, routine check-ins

When is it better to call 911?
•Issues such as trouble breathing, unconsciousness, severe distress

•Any issue that suggests immediate danger